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Yücel Dönmez


Yücel Dönmez is known as an artist who made many firsts in our visual arts history. Dönmez is Turkey’s first Land Art artist and the first artist in the world to paint on snow.
The artist has developed a philosophy in order to pioneer the depth movement by using layers in his works. In a picture, 8-10 pictures could overlap and become a picture. It is possible to see the art of marbling, the art of calligraphy and the art of calligraphy, the art of Ottoman tugra and ornament, and the art of Byzantine in foil works. The artist emphasizes the traditional assets that make up his own self with contemporary images. Yücel Dönmez introduced a new art movement to the world by synthesizing his style, which he developed based on Turkish traditional arts, with modern.

He has been continuing his artistic work in Chicago since 1980. He has hosted many exhibitions both in Turkey and the United States, and in 2000, Who’s Who in American Art is considered one of the most influential art encyclopedias that shaped American art history. Donmez has been accepted by American art critics (Alan Artner, Chicago Tribune, 1989) as an artist who sheds a new light on the art of painting with the painting techniques he has developed. In 1995, he received the National Medal of Arts, one of the most important awards of the USA, and demonstrated his commitment to education in the field of education with the Artistic Parades that will last for 11 years. Donmez was awarded the Outdoor Art Award for her snow painting project at Millennium Park in Chicago, sponsored by five different organizations. 1987 Chicagos Very Own. Donmez appeared four times on the main news of WGN, one of the US national television channels. He was awarded the prestigious Chicagos Very Own status in 1987 (including Michael Jordan among other award- winning players in later years). During the 1987 Sultan Suleiman exhibition, Donmez had the chance to exhibit her artworks at the Junior Museum, sponsored by the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the three largest museums in the United States. It was awarded by the museum’s evaluation committee. 1984 Donmez was awarded the Illinois State Ethnic Heritage Commission Award as the representative of Turkish painting.

Famous Spanish art writer Nilo Casares wrote a book about Dönmez, whose works he saw by chance, and stated that Dönmez brought the art of Quantum Optics to art and believed that this would take place in art history as an art concept.


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