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Ömer Atakan


Ömer Atakan is a young painter who left a strong impact on contemporary painting with his passion for production and original works.
Born in Antalya in 1993, the artist studied Painting at Muğla Anatolian Fine Arts High School, then transferred to Marmara University Painting and Business Teaching Department and graduated from here.

The artist’s works are the product of an experimental process. He pioneers the discovery of new ways and designs that he creates with his paper folding technique, and uses these organic ways to paint fluidly.

Thanks to the technique he developed with various materials, these organic forms create the movement in his works in a rhythmic pattern, just like everything in the universe interacts with each other and repeats at regular intervals.

The artist brings a moment from eternity to the audience.

The artist, who defines his works as the reflection of cosmic energy, touches on the purest form of nature.
Inspired by quantum philosophy, the artist works with plants, animals, galaxies, etc. believes in the relationship that all units of the universe establish among themselves and the energy that this relationship creates by repeating it for too long for the human mind to comprehend.

Today’s people, almost ignoring the spontaneous cycle of nature, aim to take everything under their own control with an obsessive attitude. The dose of this obsession with perfectionism affects the ecosystem and affects the universe.

The spontaneous development in the artist’s works is a reaction to the obsessive human model imposed by the capitalist system.

In the works of the artist, it is emphasized that life, as an entity, is the greatest information processing tool in the universe. This shows us the interdependence of all the units of the universe in the works as a life algorithm in a holistic understanding.

Between 2010 and 2020, he worked as an artistic assistant of Devrim Erbil. Now he continues his works in his workshop in Bostancı, Istanbul.


Phone: +90 212 353 52 88
Mobile: +90 532 456 02 50


Büyükdere Cad. No:185 Kanyon AVM K:P2 Levent-İstanbul 34340 Türkiye


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