Ömer Uluç was born in Istanbul in 1931. He started painting in Nuri Iyem Studio (Attic Artists). He first studied Engineering and then Painting in the USA; Texas, Boston and New York. He had his first solo exhibition in Boston Earl Pilgrim Gallery in 1955. He conducted research on Art in Paris, USA, Mexico, and Nigeria. His paintings, hiding hidden figurative formations, are based on the brushing technique and has a unique aesthetic expression. Every phenomenon that preserves energy is contemporary. Ömer Uluç, who uses different materials in his artworks, is one of the leading members of his generation in Turkish Contemporary Art. He was able to transform his creatures in his figurative abstract paintings into sculptures. Just as these pictures, sculptures and diverse visual objects are brought together, gathered, made, I hope that when they come together certain meanings and moments form. His art works are included in many Turkish as well as international museums and private collections. Uluç is one of the first artists to exhibit his art in worldwide known galleries in international contemporary art fairs. He passed away in Istanbul in 2010