Nuri Iyem was born in Istanbul in 1915. He studied in Nazmi Ziya, İbrahim Çallı and Hikmet Onat Studios at Painting Department of Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts (currently known as Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University). He took lessons from Leopold Levy. During these years he took part in the “Grouo of New Painters” who were offering new proposals for figürative leanings and the problematic of content in Turkish Art. His art contains two periods, both abstract and modern figurative periods. Leaving abstract understanding in 1960’s, which he started in 1950’s, his paintings concentrated on the life scenes of the people who migrated from villages to the city, containing portraits of young women. The elements that define his work are figurative contents and picturesque structure (architecture) and powerful constraction in the form of nature. He passed away in Istanbul in 2005.