Neşe Erdok was born in Istanbul, in 1940. Studied in Neşet Günal Studio in the Painting department of Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts (currently known as Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University). During 1965-1966 Erdok went to Madrid on a state scholarship given by the Spanish government to study Painting. Between 1967-1972 Erdok attended Ensba with a state scholarship to study fresco and stained glass. Had her first solo exhibition in Paris in 1972. In her works, the single figure emerges as a monumental theme, and emphasizes the psychological effects reflected with a narrative style, the meaning is given with the measured deformations. Neşe Erdok foresees subjects that will turn into series and makes an organic connection with the language of paintng a mysterious record of her own personal experiences and life content. Since the first day, we have been witness to seeing Erdok bringing action to the order of the day with the inadequacy of looking to always ordinary views. It is never allowed or possible to bring fetishism to a shoe, a hand that is usually emphasised in her paintings. She takes her place with the young and middle generation artists representing mostly figurative predisposition with the likes from Osman Hamdi to Neşet Günal. Erdok lives and works in Istanbul.