Adnan Çoker was born in Istanbul in 1927. He graduated from Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts (currently known as Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University) in 1951. He moved to Paris in 1955 upon being awarded a state scholarship by winning European Concour. He worked in the studios of Andre Lhote, Henri Goetz, Hayter and Emilio Vedova in Paris. In his abstract-minimal paintings, which he started with a level of efficacy based on staining values of the paint and then clarified with a new dimension of a spatial illusion, he queries the basic concepts, such as surface–space, plain–space and keeps the new values to be provided by these concepts in terms of artistic content on the agenda. Adnan Çoker is a representative of the early examples of abstractive Turkish painting of 1950’s. He lives and works in Istanbul.